draker solar design

A.J. Rossman, Ph D. candidate, Engineering, University of Vermont
Draker Solar Design, LLC.
12-22 North Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802)865-3866

Draker Solar, LLC is located at 12-22 North Street in Burlington. As an engineering firm that serves the sustainable technologies industry, Draker Solar specializes in renewable energy monitoring and integration systems. The company views sustainable technology as any technology that performs a specific task to fulfill a basic human need, i.e. heat and cool living/work spaces, treat water and wastewater, provide electricity and food or dispose of waste, while minimizing the environmental impact of the technology on the basic human rights of clean air and clean water. Draker Solar’s facility is a “green-building” that utilizes renewable energy and many of Draker Solar products in day-to-day operations. The green-building concept provides an excellent opportunity for Draker Solar to display its products and services, and gives the company the ability to test and monitor the capabilities of its products and the products of its partners.

Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
Farrell Hall
210 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-1757