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Current Clients

Standards Technology Group

Product: Content management of Industry standards, specifications, and codes

Mission: Suite of online software-as-a-service modules enables those who use standards to efficiently find, access, manage and understand document content. STG licenses Powered by STGnet technology to standards developing organizations (SDO) who then present it online as their own brand which they resell.

Contact Information: David Walsh,


89 North

Product: Components for fluorescence imaging for the life science imaging market

Mission: Design, manufacture and sell cutting edge light sources for the rapidly growing fluorescence microscopy market. Our patented LED-based light sources will revolutionize the way scientific imaging is done. 89 North is a subsidiary of Chroma Technologies.

Contact Information: Chris Baumann,




Product: Semiconductor probing equipment

Mission: SemiProbe is a global supplier of probing and testing hardware and software solutions for biotech, photovoltaics, microfluidics, microelectronics, and nanotechnology. Its provides the latest high quality test technology to lower the cost-of-test. Prices range from $15,000 to $1.5 million per unit, and customers include Cirrus Logic, Raytheon, Freescale, Discera, Fluke and Agile RF.

Contact Information: Denis Place,



Product: Crowdsourcing marketplace for individual programmers

Mission: Programmers will be able to outsource small coding tasks. We will be the first to provide commercial, small-scale programmer-to-community outsourcing. The business model is based on the discrepancies in cost effectiveness among programmers, and the arbitrage opportunity that therefore exists.

Contact Information: Bevan Barton,


Product: Serious Games (SG)

Mission: Hoozinga will provide game production services for a diverse clientele, while focusing on branding, "social marketing" and educational media. The serious game segment is projected to grow to $1.5 billion by 2008. The team consists of instructors and students from Champlain College.

Contact Information: Amanda Crispel,


Parallel Geometry

Product: Co-simulation architecture, enabling full inter-operability and reuse between simulation systems

Mission: Parallel Geometry offers disruptive patented technologies for complex simulation systems for large industrial, government and research organizations

Contact Information: Denis Akzam,



Product: Home health telemedicine product

Mission: Under a grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Institute on Aging, develop a “set-top box” to be installed in patients' homes to allow videoconferencing using internet connections

Contact Information: Lawrence Keyes,



Product: Search engine and research tools for medical specialists

Mission: Create value by increasing the speed with which users can access relevant information, increasing the efficiency in the workplace. Serve four primary markets; pharmaceutical & biotechnology firms; educational institutions; health care; and individuals.

Contact Information: David Krag,



Product: Online linked calendaring

Mission: Skedwool delivers a simple, streamlined "linked" calendaring solution to reduce the organizational back-and-forth required to juggle all of the group schedules in your life. Create as many groups as you need, and invite as many members to each group as you'd like. Focused on a strategy of selling/partnering the technology to/with a Portal Company that a calendar application would be a differentiator.

Contact Information: Michael Howe,



Product: A bioinert, non-antigenic, non-migratory tissue bulking agent that delivers proven sustainable volume

Mission: AugmentRx has developed the next generation tissue bulking agent to treat stress urinary incontinence. The SOLVE injectable product provides a fully viable alternative to slings, surgical procedures and inferior shorter-acting bulking agents. It is bioinert, non-antigenic, non-migratory, permanent, easy-to-inject, more affordable and provides long-lasting, sustainable tissue volume.

Contact Information: Stuart Smyth:

Kilawatt Technologies

Product: Software that helps organizations conserve energy, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases in large commercial and industrial buildings with little or no capital investment.

Mission: EnerSuite provides actionable reporting and requires no capital investment, eliminating the financial barriers to a company achieving both substantial financial and environmental savings. Customers have consistently achieved 15%-30% annual cost savings.

Contact Information: : Ted Fisher,, 802.985.2285 ext. 210



Product: Noninvasive test to assess voiding function through recording of urinary flow rate

Mission: TeleMedTest developed proprietary acoustic and information technology to deliver highly accurate diagnostic test data with a significant reduction in cost and patient inconvenience compared to prevailing alternatives. The initial product, SonoUroFlow, measures the urinary flow rate of adults and children with dysfunctional voiding.

Contact Information: Peter Zvara,

Previous Clients


Product: Online education and networking platform

Mission: Global Classroom provides an online eClassroom application as a service (SaaS); technology, hosting, training and support are provided online to schools and businesses at significant cost savings when compared to delivering the same solution on their servers or a physical classroom.

Contact Information: Burr Warne,


Viridis Diagnostics

Product: Medical diagnostics equipment

Mission: Viridis' equipment is a highly unique disease marker testing platform that will change the standard by which point-of-care testing will be measured

Contact Information: Matt Gombrich,



Product: Pharmefex™ + DOX (doxorubicin) for treatment of mesothelioma and Pharmefex™ + DTIC (dacarbazine) for treatment of melanoma

Mission: Commercializing Pharmefex™ technology developed at UVM into a potent drug delivery platform for cancer treatment

Contact Information: Chris Landry,


Bulldog Entertainment Network

Product: A marketing and entertainment company serving the coin-operated amusements industry

Mission: Bulldog has the exclusive rights to market and manufacture Photo Play products in the US, and to create and support Photo Play online tournaments and advertising. To date, Photoplay is the first and to date the only truly online interactive touch screen games platform

Contact Information: Doug Johnson,


ElectroCell Technologies

Product: Proprietary, patented technology, utilizing electricity flowing through animal waste to destroy pathogens, eliminate odor, and reduce insect populations, nutrient P and N levels, nitrates and ammonia

Mission: To provide hog and dairy farmers a solution to animal waste that is polluting ground and surface water, stunting growth rates for animals, and making for an unpleasant work environment.

Contact Information: Buzz Hoerr,


Product: Process management & governance software

Mission: PIEmatrix helps executives and directors improve process and reduce risk and cost. The application is an online framework that connects best practice processes with people and technology for full project life cycles

Contact Information: Paul Dandurand,


Draker Laboratories

Product: Monitoring and data management systems for green power technologies, including: PV, wind, solar thermal, and hybrid energy systems

Mission: Deliver real-time data so you know how your power and monitoring systems are performing at any time

Contact Information: AJ Rossman,


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