Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
  Draker SolarDesign™
  Draker SolarDesign™ offers complete performance monitoring solutions that are ready to go “out of the box” and easy to install.  Draker’s systems fill the need of the renewable energy industry for cost-effective, reliable data collection with accurate measurement and automated data management of critical renewable energy system information.  
  VER·TECH™ products deliver real-time and historical data that is continuously archived.  Performance and natural resource information is intelligently processed and presented in easy-to-use graphic visualizations for local and web-based viewing.  Accurate, reliable data is a fundamental component of power system performance optimization and Draker’s systems provide it with the documentation required by government incentive programs and performance-based contracts.
  Early on, VCET helped sharpen the focus of our business by providing a SWOT analysis and other strategic planning input. More recently, VCET has provided valuable feedback on the business plan and investor presentation for our initial funding effort.
  Why We Chose Vermont
  We chose Vermont for the high quality of life it provides our employees and the beautiful environment that fits with our company’s focus on clean energy and green technologies. Vermont also provides a solid and supportive small business community.
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