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  ElectroCell Technologies, Inc.
  ElectroCell Technologies, Inc. markets a proprietary, patented technology that uses electricity flowing through animal waste as an affordable, effective solution to address the primary environmental concern of the U.S. agriculture industry.    
  Supersoil Systems Company of Israel has conveyed to ElectroCell Technologies, Inc. the exclusive rights to produce and market commercial versions of its animal waste treatment technology in the North American market.
  VCET has been very helpful to ElectroCell Technologies, Inc. by providing exposure throughout the investment and government communities in Vermont and the Northeastern US and Canada. It has also provided us with contacts and relationships within the University of Vermont to assist with technical issues.
  Why We Chose Vermont
  Electrocell is based in Vermont because of the direct applicability of the technology to agricultural waste in the state, and the "green" reputation the state adds to our brand.
  Buzz Hoerr, CEO, Dan Feeney, CFO
(802) 863-2486
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