Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
  The Vermont Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
(EPSCoR) contributes to building an infrastructure which will improve
  the research competitiveness of Vermont scientists and engineers as well as bring National Science Foundation (NSF) resources to the service of the broader community.

The fundamental goals of the Vermont EPSCoR program naturally parallel the two NSF review criteria (intellectual merit and broader impact). The explicit recognition of the importance of the broader impact of science on society has been a fundamental hallmark of the Vermont EPSCoR program since its inception in 1985.

Vermont EPSCoR sponsors both implementation grants and state-laboratory partnership grants.  Research areas include materials science, chemical science, biological and environmental science, high energy and nuclear physics, advanced computer science, fossil energy science, and energy efficiency and renewable energy science.

The Graduate Fellows working with VCET from the University of Vermont Business School are funded by an EPSCoR grant.
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