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  Global Classroom’s Academic Star Power - Using the internet, Global Classroom provides students with access to top educators from around the world. Professors, K12 teachers and published subject matter experts connect online with Global Classroom students worldwide to create a facilitated 24/7 learning environment that provides online lectures, assignments, readings, and podcasts.  

The company is currently developing three markets: Teachers College for teacher recertification, a K12 Study Center to help students succeed in the classroom and a Business School for career achievement.

  Why We Chose VCET
  After Global Classroom decided to move all operations to Burlington, VCET made it easy! They provided us with office space, management support and key introductions into the Vermont education and business communities. For 2007, VCET is assisting the company to further expand its vision by providing access to financial experts and strategies to make Vermont the center for educators seeking to expand their influence beyond the physical classroom.
  Why We Chose Vermont
  As an Internet-based company, Global Classroom students can access our top educators from anywhere at anytime. This flexibility has provided us with the opportunity to build and expand operationally from any city in the nation that has Internet connectivity. Global Classroom chose Vermont for the quality of life, access to top educators, and the state’s commitment to the environment. We are building a business where we want to live, raise a family and make a difference!
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