Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
  Helping the Community
  VCET supports the local community by helping retain businesses in Vermont, bringing new businesses to Vermont, and building a stronger local economy by creating jobs.  The Center enhances the entrepreneurial climate by promoting growth in clean, technology based businesses which commercialize new technologies.  By working with other incubators around the State and the University of Vermont, VCET is building a stronger Vermont economy.  
  The National Business Incubator Association reports that 87 percent of all firms that have graduated from incubators are still operating and over 500,000 jobs have been created since 1980.  Incubators help to reduce some of the risks associated with starting a new business.  
  About Incubators
  Business incubators help to develop start-up businesses with the goal of graduation and creation of local jobs.  Research has shown that offering help during this early stage, when many more businesses fail than succeed, significantly increases their chance of survival from 35% to 85%.  VCET and our partners offer help by providing general business advice, marketing assistance, business plan improvements, mentoring, market research, patent registration, and funding.  By setting up relationships with the community and with the University, companies can take advantage of resources they might not be able to access on their own.

Incubators differ in the types of clients they serve and the services they offer.  The goals can include job creation, increasing wealth of state or local economies, and transferring technology from universities.  VCET clients are selected for developing new and innovative technologies with a commercial potential.
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