James Robinson

Meet Jim

As a serial entrepreneur and investment professional, Jim has had an operational role in 12 new companies, seven of which he was a founder. As a financier, Jim has launched more than a dozen funds and has invested in more than 25 companies. These ventures span a breadth of industries ranging from financial services to technology hardware. In 2005 he founded Middlebury Alternative Investments Advisors, LLP in London as an Advisory firm to pursue many of the opportunities in the alternatives and early stage enterprises. More than $100M has been raised through 2008. In 2003, he and partners formed Caydal, LLC to begin an aggressive program of private investing around the world. This team has committed more than $10M in capital to 17 companies many of which were at the seed-stage. Jim sits on six Boards of Directors in the US, Ireland, Switzerland, and Dubai.

Prior to his most recent international work, he had launched successful US-based businesses. Jim’s particular area of expertise is in the development of financial services boutiques. He has assisted in the founding of dozens of firms in research, money management, and venture capital. He helped to found and was on the Investment Board of Fresh Tracks Capital Fund I and is a Founding Partner in the Inflexion Fund of Florida. Jim founded Middlebury Capital, LLC in January of 2002 as a regulated NASD Broker-dealer. Based out of Middlebury, it has affiliates in New York and New Jersey. Middlebury Capital, LLC has raised several hundred millions of dollars through 2008, and has invested in deals ranging from $5M to $50M. Jim participated in the founding of the Global Fund Advisors Network, a collection of capital markets firms in more than a dozen countries dedicated to bringing high quality alternative investments to institutional investors.

Jim remains a founding supporter of the Project on Creativity and Innovation, a nationally leading student-entrepreneur program; MiddCORE, a 4-week student entrepreneurship intensive; and Midd Equity Partners, to facilitate carried interest donation to Middlebury College. Jim resides in Weybridge, VT and is a Middlebury College alumnus.