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Each year over 500,000 medical articles are published and that number is
expected to climb. Presently the ability to ensure that the most
relevant and up-to-date medical research will reach those who need it
most is daunting, inexact and is now one of the biggest challenges
facing the medical research and health care delivery industry. Despite
unprecedented access and sophistication of today’s internet search
engines, published medical research overwhelms the user as an
unmanageable tidal wave of knowledge. Plomics was created to provide a
new method to organize and deliver all biomedical information in a
manner that will radically improve the efficiency with which members of
the research and health care delivery industry disseminate and search
for the most relevant and up-to-date research in their area of
expertise. Plomic’s has developed a working prototype product that
directs customers efficiently to the medical information they require.

Dr. David Krag has more than 20 years in the biomedical research
field. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed articles in the
oncology field. He has brought to UVM more than $14,000,000 in research

Dr. Krag has developed radiotracer guided surgery of sentinel lymph
nodes in cancer. This has led to world wide adoption of this method for
surgical management of breast cancer and malignant melanoma. Dr. Krag is
Principle Investigator (PI) of the world’s largest randomized surgical
trial in breast cancer. This trial is designed to evaluate the
effectiveness of sentinel node surgery.

Dr. Krag founded Calypso Medical in 1999 with seed funding from Frazier
Health Care Ventures. The core technology was based on his Krag’s
invention of wireless tracking of internal body tissues. In August 2006
Calypso received approval from the FDA to market their wireless tracking
technology for guiding radiation therapy of the prostate. Dr. Krag is
recipient of a $2,000,000 endowed professorship called the SD Ireland
Professor of Surgical Oncology. This fund was created on behalf of Dr.
Krag to facilitate his research and provide support in perpetuity
through University of Vermont.



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