Member Spotlight: Ethan Bechtel, CEO of OhMD


What’s your story? How did you get here?

Ethan has a fairly extensive professional history in healthcare management and IT. Personally, he’s been working in the field for twelve years, but his family is also involved in the same industry. Because of all of that experience, Ethan knew he wanted to impact patient care, so he started working on solutions to improve healthcare using innovation and his entrepreneurial instincts.

Break down OhMD for us in a one-liner. Go ahead and brag about your successes!
Essentially, OhMD is WhatsApp for healthcare; a secure messaging system for doctors and patients. Ethan and OhMD put emphasis on understanding consumer trends to leverage them for healthcare benefits. One of those trends is that people prefer texting over calling. The other is that patients and healtcare professionals both have universally frustrating experiences with doctor patient communication. For Ethan, combining the two phenomenon seemed a natural choice. Investors agree. Recently, OhMD has raised a seed fund of $1.2million from some very experienced healthcare IT professionals, which is HUGE. He has big plans for how this funding will be used for the benefit of the app, but he did also get some t-shirts made, because swag is important.

What’s coming next down the OhMD pipeline?
The company has found its product, found its product market fit, and secured funding. The next step is making it scalable and getting it in front of people. OhMD is currently taking off and growing efficiently.

What’s your favorite thing about working with VCET?
According to Ethan, “VCET is a place you feel good about going to everyday”. I didn’t even ask him to plug us, but he legitimately had nothing bad to say. He said that it’s easy to want to work at home, but the office is a more productive environment. It’s a great physical space, as well as networking opportunity because almost everyone in this community has some sort of expertise you can leverage.

Finally, if you had to give up either chocolate or cheese, which would you choose?
He must be some kind of monster. He didn’t even hesitate to cut out cheese, because “There is no other chocolate”. We admire your dedication, Ethan.

Check out OhMD here


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