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  Parallel Geometry
  Parallel Geometry (LLGeometry) is founded on more than 15 years of applied research in mathematics and computer science. This IP-intensive company is a leader in the design and integration of complex simulation and embedded systems, for industrial customers and government / research organizations.  
Markets Served
Aerospace, Defense & Homeland Security
Advanced Transportation and Robotics
GeoWeb (Web-based 3D GIS) for urban infrastructure management, emergency response, environmental monitoring, and tourism
Scientific research and networked collaboration
  With its unique simulation and visualization system architectures, and its world-class expertise in advanced computer environments (parallel and distributed algorithms), LLGeometry is uniquely positioned to offer its partners the benefits of parallel high-performance computing (HPC) & networking across a wide range of application areas.
  Why We Chose VCET
  LLGeometry is at the forefront of simulation-based engineering and science. VCET showed genuine interest in LLGeometry's breakthrough technology and is helping us in our first steps into the US market. VCET's understanding of the innovation process, and its links with both the business community and University of Vermont researchers helped get our technology tested, used and, most importantly seen and talked about. Thus playing the role of a business accelerator, helping us bridge the gap between innovation and business.
  Why We Chose Vermont
  From our perspective, Vermont represents a great working model for sustainable economic development. Itís involved business community, supported by strong bipartisan policies, makes Vermont very attractive for high-tech companies. We've been especially impressed by the "business positive" attitude and the strong sense of community shown by Vermont's decision makers at all levels. These aspects, as well as the traditional ties between Quebec and Vermont, made Vermont the logical and natural choice for our venture expansion in the US.
  Denis Akzam, CEO 
Parallel Geometry (USA) LLC
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  Nicolae Alecu, Vice-President Aerospace & Defense – North America
Parallel Geometry (USA) LLC
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