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  SemiProbe is a Vermont based company with 50 years of Semiconductor experience dedicated to developing high quality, innovative probing and testing systems at economical prices. They manufacture a line of manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic probing solutions with a complete line of accessories.   

SemiProbe provides standard and customized application specific probing solutions to a variety of markets – Device Characterization, Wafer Level Reliability, High Frequency/Microwave, Optoelectronics, MEMS, Failure Analysis, Production and others.

  Why We Chose VCET
  VCET has provided us with affordable office space and shared services. The VCET staff is available to provide assistance with sourcing Legal, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing and Consulting services.
  Why We Chose Vermont
  Two of SemiProbe’s founders live in Vermont. Denis Place was born in Vermont, graduated from VT Technical College and has resided the vast majority of his life here in the state. Mostafa Daoudi has resided in Vermont since 1992 and graduated from VT Technical College and Norwich University. We chose Vermont for the quality of life, but primarily because we firmly believe we can help VCET fulfill its mission of helping to create a larger technology infrastructure in Vermont.
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