The VCET Times: In Case of Rapture, This Coworking Space Will Be Unoccupied!

Newsletter #8: Feb. 25, 2015

We’re all wondering when Harold Camping will finally be right. Probably never. That guy was a dolt (as evidenced by his TWO failed predictions that the world was going to end). And even if he had been right, why would we want to know the world was about to end? So we can live our last days in fear? Sounds like a buzz kill if I ever heard one. But it did get me thinking…what if the rapture were by sector? Further, what if that sector were tech startups?

We would watch for things like the second coming of Andreessen Horowitz (Marc Andreessen pictured below with hair, for effect); the falling brimstone of valuations during the Series A crunch; or the tribulation, also known as the exit values of non-believing companies, 7 years post investment.

A scary thought, but not to worry, I have predicted your next question: “Andrew, how in creation can I get my startup to the promised land of Silicon Valley?”

I’m glad you asked. I’ve put together a list of the 9 commandments that startups shalt follow, and some follow-up reading as well. If you can see the light, then this email’s subject line will hold true. If not? Well…start praying for your startup.

I. Thou shalt “be remarkable.” - Seth Godin (video)
II. Thou shalt “make meaning.” - Guy Kawasaki (video)
III. Thou shalt “like your product, but fall in love with business model.” - David Bradbury (follow him on Twitter)
IV. Thou shalt “get out of the building.” - Steve Blank (video)
V. Thou shalt “understand your customer’s daily life.” - Genevieve Bell (#4)
VI. Thou shalt “make your product narrow and deep, not broad and shallow.” - Paul Graham (article)
VII. Thou shalt “scale your vision, scale your product, scale yourself.” - Sheryl Sandberg (video)
VIII. Thou shalt “let go of your ego when negotiating.” - Rony Ross (article)
IX. Thou shalt “hire people who believe in it as much as you do.” - Sam Altman (article)

May frothy valuations driven by larger VCs be with you all.  Amen.

Best regards,
the VCET Team

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