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  The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) helps the Center and client
companies by protecting, marketing, and negotiating the sale of rights
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of commercially viable intellectual property with the intent to bring the property to market.  OTT helps by facilitating contractual negotiations with individuals and organizations regarding the purchase and sale of intellectual property.
They can help answer the following questions:
Do I have a patentable invention?
What so I do if I am publishing this research soon?
How do I protect my idea outside the U.S.?
In 1998, Todd Keiller joined the University of Vermont and assisted the College of Medicine in technology affairs. In 1999, he was appointed Director of Technology Transfer for the entire University.  Todd works with VCET and the Center’s clients as the senior IP advisor.
  The VCET Fellowship, funded by Vermont EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), was launched in 2005 in conjunction with the UVM School of Business Administration’s MBA program.  The fellowship provides funding for MBA students to work with the Center’s start-up companies, helping them establish solid business plans and aiding them in various aspects of their development.  The assistance provided by the Fellows to VCET clients can help identify and improve the aspects of their business in which guidance and support would be useful.

The VCET fellowship provides an opportunity for Graduate Students to apply knowledge and skills acquired through the UVM MBA program in a “hands on” way with real businesses.

The development of the EPSCoR Entrepreneurial Fellowship at the Center was driven by an increased interest in entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and alumni. This cross-disciplinary effort was designed to link education with real world experiences in starting new enterprises.

The EPSCoR Fellowship support of this initiative is based on the premise that:
An entrepreneurial mindset is increasingly sought after and valued in a knowledge-based economy
Entrepreneurial learning requires “hands on” experience that cannot be provided strictly in a classroom setting
The entrepreneurial spirit is essential to engineering & business education
Technology commercialization is a way to broaden social benefit in the community
Applied science and engineering enhances research on campus
An entrepreneurial campus is a factor in recruiting and retention of faculty, staff, and students
Graduating students are increasingly interested in pursing entrepreneurial careers
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