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Startup SemiProbe Debuts Two Probe Systems
Test & Measurement World; March 6, 2007   article link
Targeting known-good-die (KGD) applications, SemiProbe has announced two probe systems—the semiautomatic SA-8 and fully automatic FA-4—which allow testing of diced wafers on a stretch frame at production speeds. The company also announced the M-12 300-mm manual probe system.

Both versions use high-speed pattern recognition to obtain the x, y, z, and theta position of all singulated die on the stretch frame prior to probing. The systems can scan more than 80,000 die positions can in less then four minutes; probing begins after scan.

Don Feuerstein, SemiProbe’s VP of sales and marketing, says “There is a growing trend to test after saw and prior to packaging. In most cases the packaging costs are considerably higher than the testing costs, and it is important for our customers to know they have functional die prior to packaging. This is especially true for MCM and flip-chip applications where lower cost die are being attached to expensive SOC devices.”

The M-12 300-mm manual system has a rapid-release feature that allows a user to quickly and easily navigate across a wafer with a single movement, re-engage a lead screw, and make fine adjustments using micrometer dials. According to Mostafa Daoudi, VP of engineering, “We felt it was important to make sure our new station provided a comfortable, efficient, and ergonomic work station for the engineers and technicians who work on them day in and day out. Repetitive motions required for moving standard probing systems across 300 mm may lead to work place injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. With our new design, such injuries may be avoided and efficiencies in the work are greatly improved.”

Base prices: SA-8, $55,000; FA-4 SF, $138,000; and M-12, $65,000.
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