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  VenueCzar is a 'mutual' online system where bands and venues perform an extremely expedited version of booking a date for a live performance. The power of VenueCzar lies in its one-click reservation system that automates the process of booking performers in local venues, and distributing the subsequent calendar event info to local media companies.  
  The system is mutual in that both user groups (within a trusted situation) have the privilege to create a live performance booking at a venue.

The system eliminates the involved and time-consuming back and forth communications necessary to book a perfomer (phone, email, contract term negotiations, etc.). The system coordinates calendars of the two user types in virtual real time as they are engaged on the system trying to reserve specific dates. The system recognizes and tracks various statuses of venue dates as users interact with the system in the act of reserving dates.
  Why We Chose VCET
  VenueCzar is very excited to be affiliated with VCET. Their management support services and network within the Vermont business community has already paid pleasant dividends. VCET is currently helping VenueCzar prepare for a system launch in Vermont, as well as planning for a follow-up regional roll-out.
  Why We Chose Vermont
  The founders of VenueCzar are long time residents of Vermont, so it is not like we picked Vermont. It feels more like Vermont picked us, and we feel lucky to have the opportunity to build a world-class company (and a company more likely to have sprout up in Boston or even Silicon Valley) in Vermont.
  Jess Campisi
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