Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
  The Vermont Business Center (VBC) at The University of Vermont’s
School of Business Administration was established to address the needs
  of growing companies in Vermont.

The VBC offers a series of management development seminars, training needs assessment services and custom training programs. The VBC serves as a point of access for area businesses to a variety of UVM resources.  Also affiliated with the Vermont Business Center is the Vermont Family Business Initiative (VFBI), an ongoing membership program that provides a training and support network to more than 30 family businesses in the state.  Through seminars, customized programs, and the VFBI, the Vermont Business Center is an established resource to support businesses to compete in a global economy.

VBC is VCET’s business education partner.  The Center has established a strong partnership with VBC and through this relationship provides state-of-the-art conference room space for VBC classes at Farrell Hall.  In exchange, VBC offers a number of free courses to VCET each semester.  Subject to availability, these courses are made available to VCET clients on a “first come, first served” basis.

Speakers at Invention to Venture are drawn from the academic and business communities and include experts with national stature as well as regional leaders and entrepreneurs.  
June 2007

Time Management Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities
Friday, June 8

Gaining Competitive Advantage: Strategies for Growth
Friday, June 1
April 2007

Project Management: An Approach that Works
Friday, April 20

Coaching Certificate for Managers and Leaders
April 5–7, 2007
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