Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
  The Vermont Technology Council (VTC) is a catalyst for the creation of
science and technology based businesses in Vermont.  The council was
  formed in 1992 by a group of Vermonters who recognized the potential of bringing together the high quality research of our universities and colleges, the entrepreneurial capacity of our business sector, and the support and collaboration of state government in ways that would benefit the Vermont economy.

The mission is to foster competitive, profitable enterprise and research & development based on science, technology and engineering, and to provide ongoing benefits to the State of Vermont.  The Council is comprised of up to 24 members who are leaders in higher education, business, state government, and venture capital.  Financial support comes from the State of Vermont, the University of Vermont, and private contributions.

VTC was instrumental in the development of VCET, providing early funding and logistical support.  As a strategic partner, VCT continues to provide support to both VCET and our client companies.

Speakers at Invention to Venture are drawn from the academic and business communities and include experts with national stature as well as regional leaders and entrepreneurs.  
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